Our Mission

Conscious Parenting Time is about liberating black children from their parents’ pain, this country’s racism, and dysfunctional cultural norms. It is about helping parents become conscious of their triggers, mindset, and childhood traumas so they don’t repeat the past. It is about doing the work it takes to parent from a place of peace and intention and discipline our children with respect.


CP Time will challenge long-held beliefs about physically punishing children. We’ll unpack how slavery, white supremacy has infiltrated the black family. We’ll explore toxic masculinity, the strong black woman trope, and other topics that plague our community. But mostly, we will give parents the tools and strategies they need to implement conscious parenting as a lifestyle.  With suicide rates of black children climbing and the constant reminders that black lives do not matter, we need to ensure our children feel secure and safe, but also empowered and confident. Advocates for positive, conscious parenting in the black community are few and far between.


CP Time will be a catalyst for change and reform, as we dare to imagine what it means to raise

intellectually and socially free black children.

About Us

Teaching the Art of Conscious Parenting

One Message,
Two Unique Perspectives

We are two determined moms, passionate about teaching the art of conscious parenting, all while juggling work and family and trying to remain sane.


We provide a perspective that many mommy and parenting blogs do not have - that of black conscious/positive parents, one a single, older mom, and the other married with children.  


Our goal is to be THE place for black parents that best understands and addresses the complexities, nuances, joys, and magic of raising the next generation of emotionally-well men and women.

Yolanda and Crystal


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