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Conscious Parenting is a Journey

And we know from first-hand experience that it isn't an easy one. So many of us parent without thinking - we react, we are triggered, and we parent from a place of fear. We often duplicate the way we were parented and do things “just because”. Or we are flailing around not knowing why we are doing things, but remain embarrassed about it and confused by the conflicting pieces of information that society bombards us with. As Black parents, we have a whole 'nother set of fears and triggers we have to work through. We want to raise free Black children who know their worth and fortify them against all the ways the world will try to break them down. Parents that work with us, will learn the nuances of conscious parenting while Black and how to navigate issues of race while raising our children to be liberated and carefree.

We'll teach you:
  • How to parent with a plan and arm yourself with the knowledge and awareness of our own feelings, experiences, history, and triggers as well as the developmental maturity and abilities of your children. 

  • How to shift your mindset to treat your children with the same respect you want for yourself. Not to treat them like adults, or without discipline, but with the empathy, compassion, and kindness like we would like to be shown. 

  • How to be a mindful parent; to be in the moment as you guide your child so that you respond to them versus react. 

  • Positive discipline techniques that get to the root of the behavior.

  • How to strengthen your connection with your children by learning how to guide instead of control. 

  • How to transition to conscious parenting from punitive parenting.

and most of all…

  • We'll give you a parenting plan that will help you raise liberated children who feel free to be their authentic selves and learn how to regulate emotions without fear or violence.

This may sound like some new age B.S. but the goal is to raise the next generation of Black children who feel secure and safe both inside and out of the home, as well as empowered and confident. People who grow up on love see the world differently than people who grow up on survival. 


How do you want your children to see the world?

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